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Linear Quartz Strip Halogen Reflector Lamps

Developments in the design and technology of infrared halogen lamps have created a versatile heat and light source suitable for many applications. This category concentrates on Infra-Red Linear Halogen Quartz Strip Lamps. The quartz glass envelope of the Linear Halogen Quartz Infrared lamp has a higher melting point than standard glass and as such is ideal for high temperature applications.

These lamps are rated at 500W, 1000W, 2000W and 3000 Watts, feature a double ended Strap/Tab or X Clip base and are available in a choice of voltages ranging from 110V to 440 Volts. Each individual lamp also features a burning position – horizontal or vertical- that must be complied with.

This specific infrared light source emits glare that restricts its use to industrial applications. Most commonly this heat source is found in research, testing, welding and brazing applications; plastics thermoforming, drying of lacquer and printing inks, blowing of PETP bottles, paint drying in tunnels and body shops, curing of powder coatings, and paper drying in paper mills and heat sterilization. The infrared halogen lamp is a clean, energy efficient affordable technology that offers an impressive lamp life of up to 7500 hours.