Lite-Plan Emergency Control Gear Kits

Lite-Plan Emergency Control Gear KitsPRA are a range ofinvertersthat are low profile, self contained, 3 hour durationemergency lightingconversion kits that are especially designed to operate with amalgam lamps and with the ever decreasing amounts of free mercury in compact fluorescent lamps.

Lite-Plan Emergency Control Gear Kits Continued

The HRN range are Multi Circuit 3 hour duration emergency lighting conversion kits, specifically designed to operate non-amalgam lamp ranges T8, T12, TC-L, 2D, TEL and DEL, and to ensure complete performance compatibility with all types of luminaire control gear i.e. switch start, electronic HF and dimming equipment.

Wattages; 32-42w, 4-36w, 4-58w, 4-70w and 4-125 watt.