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Lite-Plan Conversion Kits for Fluorescent Lamps

Lite-Plan Emergency Control Gear Kits PRA are a range of inverters that are low profile, self contained, 3 hour duration emergency lighting conversion kits that are especially designed to operate with amalgam lamps and with the ever decreasing amounts of free mercury in compact fluorescent lamps.

The HRN range are Multi Circuit 3 hour duration emergency lighting conversion kits, specifically designed to operate non-amalgam lamp ranges T8, T12, TC-L, 2D, TEL and DEL, and to ensure complete performance compatibility with all types of luminaire control gear i.e. switch start, electronic HF and dimming equipment.

Wattages; 32-42w, 4-36w, 4-58w, 4-70w and 4-125 watt.