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Lite-Plan Fluorescent Remote Packs

Lite-Plan Emergency Remote Boxes are products in Lite Plans' comprhensive range of control gear. We supply the HRN range of Lite Plan Emergency Remote Boxes. The HRN range are 3 hour duration emergency lighting conversion kits, specifically designed to operate non-amalgam lamp ranges (T8, T12, TC-L, 2D, TEL and DEL) and to ensure complete performance compatibility with all types of luminaire control gear i.e. switch start, electronic HF and dimming equipment.

Wattages; 4-36w, 4-58w and 4-70 watt.
Dimensions; Height 40mm, Length 340mm, Width 90mm.
Output Voltages; 3.6 volts (4-36 watt, 3 cell), 4.8 volts (4-58 watt, 4 cell) and 6 volts (4-70 watt, 5 cell).

N.B. For Amalgam and T5 Lamps specially designed conversion kits should be used.