Mackwell AC/DC Inverters

Aninverteris part of a lampscontrol gearthat converts Direct Current toAlternating Current.Mackwell AC/DC Invertersprovide the solution to the need for emergency lighting from central power supplies in the widest range of luminaires. They are available with or without change over relays, for maintained or non-maintained mode of operation.

Mackwell AC/DC Inverters Continued

Type C for non-maintained operation are in can size A, and Type LC for maintained operation are in can size C. Benefits of Mackwell AC/DC Inverters include a wide range available to suit most applications, including use with electronic ballasts and the transformer and other inverter components are designed to suffer no ill effects from lamp removal or normal lamp failure.

Wattages; 4-6w, 4-16w, 18-25w and 18-28 watt.
Battery Cell Voltages; 12v, 24v, 110v and 240 volts.
Dimensions; Height 35mm, Width 42mm, Length 150mm (can size A) or 210mm (can size C).