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Solar Panel Kits

Solar Powered Lighting Kits are indispensable when it comes to providing light and power to outbuildings such as sheds, workshops, stables and agricultural buildings without mains power, or where environmentally friendly economic lighting solutions are preferred. Our favoured mains free solar power kits are manufactured by Geo. Each kit is of the highest quality, complete with all fixtures and fittings and simple clear instructions for installation.

Providing mains quality lighting via super bright LED lamps these kits come in various wattages and styles suited to varying applications. For example, the Geo 4 Kit will light an area of 96m², ideal for small warehouses and garages, whereas the Geo 1 Kit will light up an area of 16m² (the typical small garden shed). The combination of solar power and LED lighting technology is without doubt the most cost effective, energy saving way to light up gardens, outbuilding, driveways and courtyards. The LEDs in these kits offer a super long life of up to 30,000 hours, keeping replacement costs to an absolute minimum. In addition to providing LED lighting to outdoor locations you can utilise the charge stored in the battery to power small electronic devices.