Megaman Dimmable Golfball Light Bulbs

Detailed below is a great range of Dimmable LED Golfball lamps from the Megaman LED Professional Series, designed to replace the old style incandescent, offering huge savings in energy usage and maintenance costs. These low-energy LED Golfballs are direct retrofits for existing lamps with a choice of Edison Screw, Small Edison Screw and Bayonet Cap bases. Simply replace your old incandescent or Energy Saving CFL with one of these LEDs and instantly reduce energy consumption by 80%.

Megaman Dimmable Golfball Light Bulbs Continued

Furthermore, the 50,000 hour lamp life and extremely cool running temperature of these Megaman bulbs means lamp replacement costs are extremely low.

Each lamp features smooth 100% dimming capability and emits a Warm White colour temperature perfectly suited to creating atmospheric and mood lighting in domestic, retail and hospitality applications particularly in chandeliers and pendant fittings. Featuring instant start technology and a unique filament that emits a light virtually indistinguishable from that of a conventional incandescent bulb this Megaman LED is a superior lighting solution.