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Megaman LED GLS Light Bulbs

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Megaman is a leading light in the developement and manufacture of energy saving light bulbs. Always at the cutting edge of lighting technology Megaman has led the way and one of many products to benefit from this research is the humble GLS lamp. Megaman has introduced this as a range of genuine retrofit replacement LED GLS light bulbs that retain the classic shape and innate charm of the conventional incandescent GLS it is intended to replace, whilst giving all the advantages of LED technology.

Available in both dimmable and non-dimmable this Megaman LED GLS with a Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw base uses 85% less energy and lasts 50 times longer than a standard GLS. Lumen maintenance is exceptional with this lamp (after 25,000 hours this bulb still retains 90% of its original lumen output) whilst the colour rendering is high at CRI80. Furthermore the LED GLS is a solid-state form of lighting so it is less susceptible to shock or vibration. Th dimmable version of this lamp is compatible with a broad range of dimmer switches and the opal finish diffuses the Warm White colour smoothly to produce a calm light that is perfectly suited to domestic and hospitality applications.