Megaman LED Crown Silver/Brass Light Bulbs

Introducing the aesthetically stunning LED Crown Silver Light Bulb from Megaman, a direct retrofit replacement for an incandescent Crown Silver lamp, in a choice of BC, ES or SES bases. We stock this GLS lamp in 5 watt and 7 watt versions, the equivalent of a 40 watt or 50 watt incandescent output. As an LED light source this lamp offers excellent energy saving benefits, such as a 90% reduction in energy usage and a 30,000 hour lamp life.

Megaman LED Crown Silver/Brass Light Bulbs Continued

The LED Crown Silver lamp is a specialist light source that features a unique silver plated crown top; this highly reflective coating reflects much of the light back towards the lamp fitting providing non-glare, in-direct controlled light. Originally designed for use in Spotlight Fittings with parabolic reflectors and particularly for Shop Window Displays, this lamp is also used in Contemporary "Designer" Light Fittings, Showrooms and Factories to reduce glare and create spectacular effects where the lamp itself is visible, due to the Mirrored silver coating.