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39-40mm GES/E40 Metal Halide Light Bulbs

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A range of Metal Halide Lamps with a Giant Edsion Screw (GES) that produce High Light Output, making them a Compact, Powerful, and Efficient Light Source. These can be used in applications (depending on the lamp) such as:- Supermarkets, Exhibition Centres, Rail and Bus Stations, Stadiums, Building Sites and Airports, General Industrial Purposes, Sports Facilities, Shop Windows, Monuments and Public Buildings, Interior Lighting Displays, Floodlights, Special Effects, and for Very Specific Applications (such as Reef Aquarists whose work necessitates a High Intensity Light Source to Study Corals) which require Specific UV or Blue-Frequency-Light. These lamps are particularly suited to applications where Excellent Colour Rendering is required.

Colour temperatures; 840 (Cool White), 860 (Daylight), 830 (Warm White), Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange and Perfect Daylight (Aquatic).
Wattages; 100w, 150w, 250w, 400w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000 Watt
Shapes; Capsule, Double Ended, Eliptical, Reflector/Spotlight, Special and Tubular.

We’ve split the section into categories to ensure you can narrow down your options fast. Here you’ll find capsule, double-ended, reflector, tubular and elliptical lamps in a wide variety of wattages, colour temperatures and base fittings. You’ll also find big name brands here, from GE and Philips to Sylvania and Venture, all of which have strong reputations for quality and performance.

Browse our metal halide collection today to find the lamp that meets your needs. If you’re not sure about the lamp you should be ordering, contact our team for help selecting the right model.