MiniSun Up and Down Lights

Explore our great range of MiniSun Up and Down Lights for some fantastic lighting products which are available in a selection of Finishes including Stainless Steel and Black. Our Outdoor MiniSun Up and Down Lights are suitable for a wide range of lighting applications where style and functionality is a must.

MiniSun Up and Down Lights Continued

These Up and Down Lights will illuminate your outdoor and garden space to fantastic effect, providing light above and below the placement of the lamp. This superb range will prove more than adequate for providing light and decoration to more shady areas of the garden or your buildings. The products in this range of Up and Down lights will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden/outside environment, and will enhance the look and feel of your space whilst proving a great level of light. These Up and Down Outside Wall Lights provide you with both practicality and high-level design.