Fluorescent T8 Multiphosphor Tubes

This range of replacement Multiphosphor 95 T8 (25mm diameter) Fluorescent Tubes is for installation into existing T8 fittings. We stock this lamp in 18 watt, 36 watt and 58 watt versions that measure 1200mm or 1500mm. The colour temperature of these lamps is American Daylight, a unique colour that burns at 5000K, emitting a natural daylight output. Each lamp has a standard double ended 2 Pin G13 cap.

Fluorescent T8 Multiphosphor Tubes Continued

Fluorescent tubes with a Multiphosphor coating offer the highest colour rendering of Ra90-99, and make colours appear natural and vibrant. This light source is particularly suited to applications where colour rendering is beneficial such as in shops to make merchandise look more attractive and in environments where the recreation of daylight is desirable. Daylight light sources are proven to reduce visual fatigue and boost mental performance and are often found in schools, offices, libraries and medical practices. As a light source this T8 tube is an energy efficient, affordable choice that lasts an impressive 20,000 hours.