Osram Compact Lamp High Frequency Dimmable Ballasts

An excellent range of Dimmable High Frequency Ballasts for single and twin 18W to 42 watt Compact Fluorescent Lamps that offer high energy efficiency and an impressive 100,000 hour service life. Benefits of these units include automatic shutdown of defective lamps and at end of life, dimming of amalgam lamps without flickering or reduced lifespan and same luminous flux with direct and alternating current.

Osram Compact Lamp High Frequency Dimmable Ballasts Continued

These ballasts, controlled via 1-10V interfaces feature full 1-100% dimming capability and lamp start within 0.6 seconds. Multiple on/off switching will not affect the service life and power boosts results in stable lamp operation. Furthermore these ballasts boast thermal management at high temperatures, very low standby consumption and an Energy Efficiency Index Rating of A1. Typivcal applications are open-plan offices, corridors, public buildings and emergency installations.