Osram T8 High Frequency Dimmable Ballasts

Detailed below is a range of Osram High Frequency and Quicktronic HF Dimmable Ballasts for use with T8 Linear Fluorescent lamps rated at 18w, 36W, 58W or 70 Watts. In single or twin lamp versions this electronic gear offers a range of benefits, which combined, make for highly energy-efficient solutions; cut-off technology; extremely low standby power; and multiple on/off switching without adverse effects on service life a 100,000 hours.

Osram T8 High Frequency Dimmable Ballasts Continued

The dimming range for these ballasts is 1-100% with lamp start at less than 0.6 seconds. Additional features include automatic restart after lamp replacement, over-temperature protection and shutdown in the event of defective lamps. This range of ballasts is suitable for installation in emergency lighting fixtures as well as open-plan office, corridors, industrial warehouses and public buildings.