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Philips Low Pressure Sodium Ballasts

A comprehensive range of Low Pressure Sodium Ballasts from Philips that includes Constant Wattage, Basic, and Heavy Duty Ballasts, for use with an external ignitor. Basic BSX impregnated electromagnetic copper/iron ballasts are compact, lightweight solutions that are simple to install, protected from overheating and suffer minimal watt loses thanks to orthocyclic winding.

Heavy Duty SOX units are encapsulated with thermoplastic resin and offer excellent resistance to chemical impact and environmental stress. An impressive 15 year service life combines with minimal watt loses, to bring you a very reliable and robust solution for outdoor low pressure sodium lighting applications. The Constant Wattage Ballast is a silicon potted ballast under a IP21 canopy that requires a series capacitor. It too lasts up to 15 years and can be installed remotely.