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Philips Masterline Halogen Dichroic Light Bulbs

The Philips Masterline MR16 12 Volt Closed Front Halogen Lamp is an energy saving alternative to a standard halogen MR16 lamp. A simple switch to this lamp will immediately reduce energy usage by up to 40%. This high intensity light source is the ideal solution for accent and directional lighting in professional commercial, domestic, retail and hospitality applications.

This MR16 features excellent colour rendering and a lamp life of an impressive 5000 hours, more than twice that of a standard halogen bulb.

Philips Lighting is a well trusted brand that produces some of the world’s highest quality light bulbs, so you know you are getting one of the best when purchasing the Philips Masterline MR16. This low voltage lamp is rated at wattages between 20w and 50 watts, with a choice of beam angles. Furthermore this range of energy saving lamps has an extremely low UV output. As with all halogen light bulbs the light output and lumen maintenance from this lamp is extremely good, making it perfect for spot lighting applications.