Philips Outdoor MASTERColour CDM-T

A range of MASTERColour CDM-T Light Bulbs. This medium wattage lighting system that gives superior, longer-lasting white light for both indoor and outdoor use. A long reliable lifetime combined with highest system efficacy and very high-quality white light with excellent colour rendering make these lamps perfect for a range of lamp specific applications.

Philips Outdoor MASTERColour CDM-T Continued

CDM-T Fresh for example is perfect for lighting fresh food displays, whilst CDM-T Warm create a warm atmosphere for large store lighting. CDM-T Elite are ideal for accent and display lighting in retail applications and general and decorative indoor lighting. Adjustable light levels enable energy savings and attract attention making merchandise look irresistible. Whatever you requirements you are sure to find it in the MASTERColour range of light bulbs.

Caps; PGZ18, PGZX18 and G12
Wattages; 20w, 35w, 70w, 150w and 250 watt
Finish; Clear