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PLL Compact 34 Watt

The PLL Compact fluorescent Lamp comes in a host of wattages and colour temperature, some of which seem rather unusual. This version of the PLL is rated at a less common 34 Watts. It is available in three colour temperatures; Very Warm White, White and Cool White. Aside from the less than usual power rating this lamp offers all the same advantages and benefits that all other PLL Compact lamps have.

The PLL Compact Fluorescent was designed as an energy efficient alternative to the conventional incandescent light source as it reduces energy usage by an impressive 80%, and lasts up to 15 times longer. Although initially more expensive than an incandescent bulb the PLL pays for itself 5 times over during its lifespan. Furthermore the light output is far better with excellent lumen efficacy and improved colour rendition. This lamp is well suited to many domestic, commercial and hospitality applications and particularly fits very neatly into modular, recessed and surfaced mounted wall and ceiling fixtures.  It is important to check you have the appropriate cap/base type when ordering a replacement PLL lamp, as this is a specialist light fitting.