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PLL Compact 36 Watt

As an energy efficient lighting solution the PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp scores high on the list. This lamp type is one of the most popular CFLs on the market due to its extended lamp life of up to 15,000 hours and savings of 80% in energy usage compared to the incandescent light source it was designed to replace. The initial cost may put you off, but don’t be fooled; this lamp pays for itself 5 times over the course of its life!

 The PLL lamp also features superior lumen efficacy and excellent colour rendition, so you can be sure you are getting a high quality lamp ticking those all-important cost, quality, reliability, and energy efficiency boxes. As this is a specialist lamp please check you have the correct cap/base type when ordering your replacement bulb.

The 36W PLL comes in 8 colour temperatures enabling you to create the light effect you require. For example, the Multiphosphor Daylight lamp features a burning temperature of 6000K, perfect for the recreation of natural daylight in graphic design and artwork applications, whilst the Blacklight lamp is used to produce special light effects and for special industrial processes.