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PLL Compact 80 Watt

The high powered 80 Watt PLL Compact Fluorescent lamp has the equivalent light output of a 300 Watt incandescent light bulb, so if you are looking for an alternative energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution to the incandescent lamp, this is a great option.

 Be aware as this is a specialist lamp it can only be fitted in appropriate lamp holders. The PLL Compact lamp is one of the most popular CFLs on the market featuring a lamp life of up to 15,000 hours (15 times that of an incandescent) and offering savings of 80% in energy usage. The 80W PLL comes with a Cool White colour temperature and measures 572mm x 44mm (length x diameter).

The PLL Compact is a high quality light source that features excellent lumen efficacy and superior colour rendition while minimizing energy and maintenance costs. Put simply this is a high light output lamp in a compact size. This is a popular lighting solution most commonly found in domestic, commercial and professional applications. It is ideal from wall washing, downlighting from high ceilings, and commercial interior uplighting, as well as indirect pendant light fixtures.