PLL Square 4 Pin

The compact fluorescent lamp is an energy saving light source that was designed to replace the energy hungry incandescent lamp. The diversity of compact fluorescent lamp types, wattages, caps and colour temperatures is immense, but common to all is savings of up to 80% in energy usage over the incandescent, a prolonged lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, high efficacy and great colour rendition.

PLL Square 4 Pin Continued

Please be area that the CFL is not a retrofit replacement for an incandescent light bulb; each lamp has a specific cap/base type that can only be fatted in an appropriate lamp holder.

This category of CFLs details the Tight U-Bend Compact Fluorescents lamp, otherwise known as a FUL lamp. Rated at 18 Watts this is an unusual light bulb that features a Square 4 Pin plug in base type and measures only 525mm x 25mm (l x d). This lamp has an integrated control gear and is usually used in household applications and in camping lights.