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PLT (Triple Turn) Compact 2 Pin

The PLT Compact 2 Pin lamp is an efficient specialist compact fluorescent lamp in terms of energy efficiency and costs. This 2 pin version of the PLT incorporates an instant starter and capacitor and features a GX24 push/fit cap that is simple to replace. The advantages of switching to this light source include savings of up to 60% in energy usage and a prolonged lamp life of up to 15,000 hours compared to the incandescent bulb.

These substantial savings quickly cover the initial cost of purchasing the lamp and keep on saving money throughout the life of the lamp.

Designed for general and supplementary light in domestic and commercial environments this lamp comes in a choice of warm to cool white colour temperatures and three wattages of 13W, 18W and 26 Watt.  This lamp would be ideal for recessed and surface mounted light fixtures, pendant lights and desk lamps in domestic, commercial and hospitality applications, such as schools, hospitals and hotels. Please check you have the appropriate cap/base type when replacing failed lamps.