PLT Compact 4 Pin

As a compact fluorescent lamp the PLT 4 pin light source is an energy efficient, cost effective lighting solution suitable for a host of general and specific lighting solutions. Compared to a conventional incandescent light source the PLT lamp is a very efficient lighting solution that saves up to 60% in energy usage and lasts up to 15,000 hours. Furthermore, the quality of light emitted is superior and is also fully dimmable down to 10%.

PLT Compact 4 Pin Continued

The 4 pin version of the PLT lamp operates on electronic control gear that offers instant start technology and flicker-free operation. As this is a specialist light source please ensure you have the correct cap/base type when replacing failed lamps.

The colour temperatures available ranging from warm to cool white and daylight, which combined with the dimming capability of this lamp, create a host of possible lighting solutions and atmospheres. From a warm white, relaxing output to the crisp natural daylight simulation of the Daylight lamp you can relax in a hotel environment or work in a creative printing studio. These lamps are rated between 13W and 57 Watts (40-150w equivalent) are reliable, robust and unobtrusive due to their compact dimensions.