Prolite Energy Saving Reflector Light Bulbs

The Prolite Energy Saving Reflector lamp is a compact fluorescent light source in an R80 or Par 38 lamp type that offers lower energy consumption and lower heat output than a standard halogen reflector lamp. This means greater flexibility in display situations as well as reduced maintenance and running costs. Each lamp listed is a retrofit replacement lamp retaining the shape and look of a halogen.

Prolite Energy Saving Reflector Light Bulbs Continued

Reflector lamps are ideal for all applications requiring flood lighting including commercial, domestic and retail, for continuous lighting in stores, offices and showrooms as well as for architectural lighting.

The benefits of making the switch include savings of 80% in energy consumption and a 90% decrease in UV output. Combine this with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours and the result is a versatile, high quality replacement reflector lamp that features great energy and cost efficient advantages, offers high quality colour rendering and good lumen maintenance.