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Sensors & Alarms Electronic Kit

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Sensors & Alarms Electronic Kit
This item was discontinued on 27th October, 2011 and is no longer available.

Sensors & Alarms Electronic Kit

from (Model: ELKT05500)
This kit supports the National Curriculum Design & Technology at Key Stage 2 and can be used to augment Science and Design & Technology at Key Stage 3. It introduces the idea of things being controlled by sensors. This includes Switch on light when light level changes, alarm doors or windows, make a rain alarm and make a bath water level alarm. These are all examples where sensors are used to control what happens. The kit includes sensors for light, water and magnetic force. The manual explains how to use these sensors in various situations and from this, students will soon devise other uses in different situations.

Technical Specifications

for Sensors & Alarms Electronic Kit

Ages 8-12
Batteries Not Included
Experiments 50
Key Stage Level 2 & 3

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