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Shatter Proof Fluorescent Tubes

Introducing a range of Shatterproof Fluorescent Tubes that feature a shrink wrapped outer skin that will not tear or split. Shattering and splintering glass can cause contamination and injury so these T5 (15mm diameter) and T8 (25mm diameter) lamps are a perfect solution for food processing plants, supermarkets, public amenities and more besides.

In reality the shatterproof fluorescent tube is not only a practical and functional light source that offers protection at relamping and in case of mishandling accidents, but is of vital importance in certain manufacturing processes.

The benefits of shatterproof lamps are the same as for standard fluorescent tubes; low running costs, high colour rendition, long life (from 10000 Hours to 24000 Hours, depending on the lamp), low operating temperature and even light distribution. Should the fluorescent tube break you can be confident that the material used for shatter-proofing will keep all the glass from falling out.