Shatterproof PL-S Lamps

Detailed below is our range of Shatterproof PL-S Compact Fluorescent Lamps in a choice of 5W, 9W and 11 Watt versions and 3 colour temperatures. Featuring a special membrane coating these lamps not only provide users with protection at the time of changing lamps when a mishandling accident but are ideally suited to applications where vandalism is a risk. Should the CFL break you can be confident that the material used for shatter-proofing will keep all the glass from falling out.

Shatterproof PL-S Lamps Continued

Applications for these lamps are the same as for their non-shatterproof counterparts; warehouses, emergency lighting, bank machines, modular ceiling fittings, corridor lighting, security lights, bollards, signs and retail lighting.