Fluorescent T8 Skywhite (8000 Kelvin) Tubes

Replacement Skywhite Fluorescent Tubes can be hard to find, but look no further. We stock all lengths and wattages of this T8 (25mm diameter) specialist fluorescent tube. The Skywhite tube is a triphosphor fluorescent light source that emits a Daylight colour temperature burning at a super bright 8000 Kelvin; this simulates ‘skywhite’ daylight creating a natural bright white light output.

Fluorescent T8 Skywhite (8000 Kelvin) Tubes Continued

This lamp comes in 3 wattages of 18 watt, 36 watt and 58 watt and lengths of 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. These replacement lamps are for use in existing fittings. As daylight illumination is proven to reduce visual fatigue and boost mental performance this lamp is commonly found in T8 light fixtures in corporate and public buildings, in offices, libraries, reading rooms, schools, dental and medical practices and other similar applications. This lamp is a low consumption, energy efficient lighting solution operating at mains voltage that offers an impressive 20,000 hour lamp life.