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Smilight Tubes

The Smilight Fluorescent Tube has been a very popular choice with kitchen manufacturers as a source of under cabinet illumination; they were originally installed as standard in fitted kitchens manufactured by companies such as MFI, Hygena and Schreiber. These replacement fluorescent tubes are also sold under the Diplomat and Eastfield brand names. These T5 (15mm diameter) fluorescent tubes are characterised by their slim profiles and warm even light distribution.

Smilght fluorescent tubes also tend to be unusual length lamps so it is important to check measurements before ordering your lamp.

Because Smilight tubes are a fluorescent technology they offer energy saving benefits over a conventional light source, using 60% less energy, are cool to touch thereby being very efficient with their energy consumption and require very little maintenance during the impressive 10,000 hour lamp life. We stock the full collection of replacement Smilight fluorescent tubes in 8 watt, 13 watt and 24 watt versions and lengths of 230mm, 410mm and 900mm.