Solar Flood Lights

For a truly environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy saving floodlighting solution take a look at the Solar Powered LED Floodlight. These units can be installed virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes and now offer brightness comparable with mains powered halogen floodlights. The Solar Panel stores energy during daylight hours to produce up to 12 hours (depending on the lamp) of continuous lighting or motion sensor illumination.

Solar Floodlights Continued

Each floodlight contains 15 to 56 super bright LEDs or a 20-30 watt LED SMD bulb that emit the equivalent output of a 50-400 Watt halogen bulb.

These robust, high quality units feature adjustable PIR sensors and are fully weather resistant. The possible applications for this light source are quite diverse; general outdoor lighting, security lighting, indoor shed, garage, stable and outbuilding lighting, porch and even backup emergency domestic lighting. Once installed these floodlights have no operating costs and require minimal maintenance. From an extremely lost cost 15 LED Solar Light to a Commercial Grade aluminium 150 Watt Security Light these LED Solar Floodlights offer a choice for the eco-friendly, cost conscious home and small business owner.

UKs Leading Lighting Provider Offers Ground Lighting For Multitude of Applications

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BLT Direct Highlights The Importance Of Solar Power As The Longer Days Creep In

As the Great British Public enjoy the longer, lighter evenings brought to them with the return of Daylight Saving Time, BLT Direct highlights the importance of utlising solar power technology during this time of seasonal change. The range of solar paneled lighting from the UKs leading lighting suppliers cover a variety of popular external fittings, making to switch to solar power easy for any homeowner this summer.

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