Solar Panels

Here you can find great selection of Solar Panel Battery Chargers for charging 12 Volt batteries. These panels come in a choice of 5w, 10w, 20w, 30w and 50 watt versions, each suited to specific applications. We also stock booster solar panels to add to existing solar floodlight kits that will double the amount of charge received each day. 12 Volt batteries require charging regularly to maintain their power, and what better way than with a solar panel?

Solar Panels Continued

Costing nothing to run these solar panels generate electricity from the sun which is fed into a connected 12v battery and stored ready for use.

These great solar panels can provide power for a diverse range of applications. The 50 watt panel can create sufficient power to light outbuildings such as sheds and stables for up to 8 hours, whereas the lower voltage panels are ideal for powering decorative outdoor lighting. Furthermore solar panels are perfect to take on camping, caravan and boat trips, to charge portable batteries.

Get Summer Ready with New Range of Outdoor Lighting from BLT Direct

With Summer finally here why not make the most of the weather with our new range of outdoor lighting solutions.

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BLT Direct Highlights The Importance Of Solar Power As The Longer Days Creep In

As the Great British Public enjoy the longer, lighter evenings brought to them with the return of Daylight Saving Time, BLT Direct highlights the importance of utlising solar power technology during this time of seasonal change. The range of solar paneled lighting from the UKs leading lighting suppliers cover a variety of popular external fittings, making to switch to solar power easy for any homeowner this summer.

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