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Solar PIR Light 36 LED Porch Light (90W Alternative)

IP Rating IP44
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Solar PIR Light 36 LED Porch Light (90W Alternative)
4 stars, 1 customer reviews
This item was discontinued on 6th December, 2017 and is no longer available.

Product Summary

IP Rating
Solar Centre

Solar PIR Light 36 LED Porch Light (90W Alternative)

from Solar Centre (Model: SS7526)
A Solar Powered 36 LED PIR Porch Light emitting the same output as a conventional 90W bulb. The bulb lights for 30 seconds once motion is detected. The detection range of this ultra-efficient fitting is between 2 and 6.5 meters. This product is simple and easy to install and all fittings are included.

Technical Specifications

for Solar PIR Light 36 LED Porch Light (90W Alternative)

Battery Type 3 x AA Ni-MH 900mAh (included)
Cable Length 4.8M
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Finish Black
Illumination Time (Full Charge) 8 Hours
IP Rating IP44
Manufacturer Solar Centre
Number of LEDs 36
Solar Panel Type 0.6W Poly Crystalline
Type LED

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Customer Reviews

for Solar PIR Light 36 LED Porch Light (90W Alternative)

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By (United Kingdom), 6th November, 2013
The first unit I received was DoA. BLT got SolarCentre to call me and after checking my installation and trying a few tests confirmed that the PIR detector was not working. Replacement was sent by return. Now it\'s in place and giving a useful amount of blue-ish light at the door. I can now see both my keys and the lock when I get home at night and see the faces of callers. Installation was fairly simple, with the excess cable from the solar panel simply winding round the back of the light. If your porch is not secure, be aware that the light is easily removed from its mount and would not be hard to steal. Docking one star for DoA unit and the fact that the joint on the first solar panel was too loose and it just fell flat against wall.

1 Reviews

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