Standard LED GLS Light Bulbs

Choose from our Non-Dimmable LED GLS's, which are available in a variety of colour temperatures including 2700K (Very Warm White), 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White) and 5000K (Daylight). All of the lines featured in this range come with a frosted/pearl cover and have been designed to ensure the even distribution of light. When using a product from this selection in the region of 4.6-16.5 watts it is possible for you to make savings of up to £194.40 over the lifetime of the bulb compared to the running costs of old style lighting. Please note that the equivalent wattage we list may differ from that on the box due to the introduction of the new 'Lumen' rating which has been brought in to replace the Watt.

Standard LED GLS Light Bulbs Continued

Please note that the equivalent wattage we list may differ from that on the box due to the introduction of the new 'Lumen' rating which has been brought in to replace the Watt.

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LED, or Light Emitting Diode is the term used to describe a semiconductor diode that emits light once an electrical current passes through it. In lighting, LED Light Bulbs are a leading energy saving alternative to conventional Halogen or Incandescent Lamps.


Replacing wattage as the standard unit of brightness, Lumens is a new measure introduced with the arrival of energy saving and LED Light Bulbs. This was due to these types of bulbs being able to emit the same amount of light as conventional equivalents, with a greatly reduced power consumption.


Kelvin is a term used to describe the colour temperature, often displayed as just the letter K. Some common colour temperatures are 2700K, 3000K and 6500K, which relate to Very Warm White, Warm White and Daylight Light Bulbs.


GLS, or General Lighting Service refers to the traditional standard light bulb shape. GLS Light Bulbs come in a range of different wattages, with halogen, energy saving and LED GLS Light Bulbs also available.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature, sometimes refered to as CCT (correlated colour temperature), is simply a method of describing the colour characteristics of a light bulb. Colour temperatures range from low (warm/yellowish) type colours all the way up to high (white/bluish) light. 

Colour temperature is measured in "Kelvin" which is explained in more detail below. More information can be found on our colour temperatures example page.


A socket is a hollow object that is used to contain the light bulb base. Sockets are connected to the electrical supply to transfer the power to the base. There are many types of bases in circulation, some of the most popular include Bayonet, Screw In and GU10s.


Voltage is the measurement of electrical potential. The majority of light bulbs in the UK run on 220-240 volts.

It is important to keep in mind that some light fittings/light bulbs require a low voltage source, therefore a transformer would be required to "step" down the volts.


Brightness is the term used to describe the effect of luminance on an observer. The maximum brightness is said to be found in Pure White whilst the minimum is expected to be found in Pure Black.


Glare is a term used to describe the visual impairment caused by excessive brightness. Glare can be divided into discomfort glare and disability glare. Discomfort Glare is when a light source in the field of view causes an instinctive need to look away due to overall illumination being too bright. Disability glare is where a light source outside of the field of view causes reduced visibility inside the field of view.

Instant Start

Instant Start is the term used to describe the instantaneous ignition of a light bulb. The term can be used in reference to Control Gear and LED Light Bulbs.


A60 is the technical term used to describe a standard light bulb shape. This shape of light bulb is also known as a GLS (General Lamp Shape).

A60 light bulbs come in Incandescent, Eco Halogen, Energy Saving CFL and LED variations.