Sylvania Superia CMI-T/ CMI-TC / CMI-TD

A range of Sylvania Superia CMI-T/ CMI-TC / CMI-TD Light Bulbs. These Sylvania CeramicMetal Halide lamps are constructed as a unique one-piece elliptical arc tube and ensure colour uniformity and stability throughout lamp life. With a very high luminous efficiency in a compact lamp format, the range provides excellent colour rendering.

Sylvania Superia CMI-T/ CMI-TC / CMI-TD Continued

These Sylvania Superia CMI-T/ CMI-TC / CMI-TD Light Bulbs are ideal for both interior and exterior lighting applications such as shops, hotel lobbies and architectural display and have an average lamp life of 12,000 or 15,000 hours depending on the lamp.
Only for use in luminaires equipped with a protective cover glass.

Caps; G12, RX7s, RX7s-24 and G8.5
Wattages; 35w, 70w and 150 watts
Shape; Tubular, Double Ended 
Finish; Clear
Colour Temperatures; 3000k and 4200k