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T8 Fluorescent Light Fittings

Browse BLT Direct’s full range of T8 fluorescent light fittings today, and find a solution to fit your needs. T8 lights are among the most popular tube lights on the market – they’re used in offices, schools, retail outlets and other commercial premises, as well as being used within some home kitchens and other environments.

Our excellent range of fittings contains something for everyone. We have single and twin batten fittings, as well as anti-corrosive fittings, and fittings which can withstand temperatures as low as -20. We also have a great range of LED-ready fittings that will help to lower energy bills in your home or business when fitted with an LED T8 lamp. Find out more, and get help with selecting the right fittings for you by contacting the team here at BLT Direct.