T8 Triple Switch Start Gear Trays

A range of T8Triple Switch StartGear Trays.

Wattage; 15w, 18w, 30w, 36w, 58w and 70watt.
Dimmable; No.

T8 Triple Switch Start Gear Trays Continued

T8 Triple Switch Start Gear Trays are control gear used to ignite T8 (25mm diameter) fluorescent tubes. T8 Triple Switch Start Gear Trays are complete units comprising a ballast, ignitor, capacitor and end caps. These gear trays are ready for a multitude of applications such as illuminated signs and boxes, retail outlets, buisness premises and showrooms.

We are able to make bespoke gear trays to meet any requirements. If you require to special unit made to order, or have any queries please contact us on 01473 716 418.