Triphosphor T5 Shatterproof Fluorescent Tubes

A range of Shatterproof T5 (15mm Diameter)TriphosphorFluorescentTubes that aredesigned with safety in mind asShattering and Splintering Sharp Glass can cause Contamination and Injury. Low Running Costs, High Colour Rendition, Super Long Life, Low Operating Temperature andEven Light Distribution add to the Benefits.

Triphosphor T5 Shatterproof Fluorescent Tubes Continued

Applications for these Linear Lamps include, but are not limited to; Food Processing Plants (where contamination is to be avoided at all costs), Warehousing, Storage, Public Amenities such as Swimming Pools, Leisure Centres and Supermarkets, Offices and Commercial Buildings, Discotheques, Bars, Nightclubs, Special Effects, Industrial Processes, Undershelf/Undercupboard and Pelmet lighting, Critical Colour Matching (Print Industry) and Jewellers Displays.

Triphosphor tubes have longer life, a lower mercury content, better colour rendering and higher lumen maintenance than their Halophosphate counterparts.

Colour temperature; 840 (Cool White, 4000 Kelvin).
Wattages; 14w, 21w, 24w, 28w, 35w, 49w, 54w and 80 watt.
Cap; G5 (2 Pin, Double Ended).