Unilite Prosafe LED Torches

Introducing the Unilite range of Prosafe LED Torches, a high specification selection of professional portable lighting solutions that meet the strictest of safety standards. Designed specifically to aid professionals to stay safe and complete tasks and duties with the highest quality light to hand. From design to manufacture each torch is built to last and perform ensuring complete trust in the product. Detailed below are headlight torches, submersible, handheld, inspection torches and flash lights.

Unilite Prosafe LED Torches Continued

Each product comes with full specifications that include output, modes, burn times, construction and beam type.

We stock tactical police flash lights that offer high visibility, impact and water resistant casing and 4 output modes; ideal for police, security and camping. Submersible flash light torches are virtually indestructible, being IP68 rated, with a rubberised grip and industrial strength polymer body. Headlight torches are perfect for many industrial workplace applications, e.g. underground, engineering, safety environments, as well as for cyclists and mountaineering activities. All told there is a Unilite Prosafe solution for a host of diverse, practical and functional requirements.