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Unusual Infra-Red Lamps

Not all Infra-Red Halogen Heat Lamps can be categorized, and here we show the rather unusual infrared halogen lamps available on the market. Each lamp is specific either in length, wattage, shape, or colour. Simply click on a specific lamp to view full specifications and applications. . Infra-Red halogen lamps operate with a high colour temperature, above the red end of the electromagnetic spectrum; the region that gives the highest heating efficiency.

Compared to an incandescent light source the halogen IR lamp is highly efficient, saving 30% on energy usage and lasting up to 7500 hours. The beauty of the infrared light source is the short response time, precise controllability and affordability.

Offering versatility as a heat source the Infra-Red halogen lamp is found in varied applications such as food heating in the catering trade and in farms for keeping animals warm. Also it is used in research, testing and welding applications, for paint drying and plastic forming! What is common to all lamps is the reliability, energy efficiency and affordability of the infrared halogen as a heat source.