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Metal Halide Venture Ballasts, Ignitors & Capacitors

Introducing the Venture Lighting catalogue of Ballasts and Ignitors for use with Metal Halide, High and Low Pressure Sodium, Mercury and Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps. Venture is a market leader in the design and manufacture of HID lighting and to compliment these lamps is their range of control gear. We stock a full selection of electromagnetic and digital ballasts and standard to super-imposed ignitors. All Venture gear has a proven record of performance, robustness and reliability.

We have categorised the Venture Lighting Control range into ballast and ignitor type; within each section is a product list with individual specifications to aid you in your selection. Benefits of Venture gear (dependant on type) include low magnetic field, low power loss, flicker-free start and silent operation. Energy-saving developments have led to the manufacture of MCi Series Ignitors and Ventronic Gear Boxes; the former featuring and intelligent timing system that stabilises the lamp for optimised performance; the latter a dimmable low wattage ballast with fast start and suitability for occupancy switches and timers.