Venture Euro HIT Metal Halide (Enclosed Rated) Light Bulbs

A range of Venture Euro(High Performance) Metal Halide Light Bulbs that offer superior performance compared to traditional metal halide lamps. Venture Euro Metal Halide light bulbs are for use with mercury and HPS control gear in a wide choice of applications including supermarkets, exhibitions, rail and bus stations, airports, stadiums, monuments, public buildings and sports facilities.

Venture Euro HIT Metal Halide (Enclosed Rated) Light Bulbs Continued

Venture Euro (High Performance) Metal Halide Light Bulbs have better colour uniformity, higher efficacy, faster warm up, improved lumen performance and up to 50% longer life than traditional metal halide light bulbs.

Colour temperatures; 840(Cool White/4000K) and 850 (Daylight/5000k). 
Cap;  ES (Edison Screw) GES (Giant Edison Screw). 
Shapes; Eliptical and Tubular. 
Wattages; 125w, 175w, 250w, 400w, 1000w  and 2000 watt. 
Diameters; 46mm, 54mm, 90mm, 76mm and 120mm. 
Finishes; Clear and Coated.