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Venture Pulse Start Metal Halide

A range of Venture Pulse Start Sustainability HIE Elliptical Light Bulbs, widely regarded as the most advanced metal halide technology available. This revolutionary light source offers more light than conventional systems, excellent colour uniformity, longer life and, most important of all, significant energy savings. This range of lamps can be used to convert the harsh yellow light of sodium lamps in existing installations to clean white metal halide light.

The average lamp life of these exceptional lamps is 40,000 hours. Typical applications include street lighting, industrial and commercial lighting. They are also perfect for use in winter conditions and warehouse freezer applications due to the reliable starting at extreme temperatures of (-40°).

We have categorised this range by Open and Enclosed lamp types; it is important to use the appropriate lamp type for your existing fixtures. These lamps operate on reactor/ignitor ballast systems specifically designed to realise the best performance from these light sources. They also provide the added benefit of a formed body arc tube for faster starting and run on standard HPS gear.