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Venture Uni-Form Pulse Start (Energy Saving) Bulbs

With the demand for energy efficient lighting to aid the environment and reduce costs growing rapidly, Venture Lighting have developed a wide range of new products. The Uni-Form Pulse Start Energy Saving Lamp range meets this demand offering the most advanced metal halide lighting system available. Offering more light than conventional light systems, a longer life and excellent colour uniformity these lamps also offer significant energy savings.

The average lifespan of the energy saving Uni-Form lamp is 20,000 hours, and they provide higher light levels initially and significantly more maintained light over time compared to today's standard metal halide.

In addition these exceptional lamps feature a 50% faster warm-up time, hot restrike in less than half the time, enhanced lumen maintenance and a UV shield that blocks nearly all damaging UV output. We have categorised this range according to lamp shape and open/closed type to aid you in your selection. Each individual product offers detailed specifications and application. This range is increasingly used in supermarkets and retail outlets, exhibitions, rail and bus stations, airports and car parks, to name but a few applications.