Venture White-Lux Plus HIPE (Open Rated)

These lamps are a Direct Replacement for HPS (SON) Lamps andcan be used to convert the harsh yellow light of existing installations to clean white metal halide light.They also provide the added benefit of a formed body arc tube for Faster Starting. Applications are; Street and Security Lighting, Factories, Car Parks, Showrooms, Amenities, Floodlighting, Petrol Station Canopies, Architectural and Industrial Lighting. They have an average life ofbetween 7500 and 12000Hours.

Venture White-Lux Plus HIPE (Open Rated) Continued

Colour temperatures; 827 (Very Warm White), 830 (Warm White) and 840 (Cool White).
Wattages; 70w and 100w, 150 watt.
Caps; ES (Edison Screw) and GES (Giant Edison Screw).
Shape; Eliptical.
Diameters; 54mm and 90mm.