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Ceiling fans with lights from BLT Direct keep the UK cool this summer

Residents of Britain were scuttling to the shade this week as temperatures soared up to 33% during what was dubbed ‘the hottest day of the year’. Although sheltered from the direct sun rays, the atmosphere indoors can still remain warm, muggy and uncomfortable during periods of hot weather. Leading lighting solutions provider, BLT Direct is helping to keep the nation cool throughout the heatwave with its range of ceiling fans with lights on offer.

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Infrared Lighting and Whiskey

Lighting might be something we take for granted as being an all round essential, but it’s likely not something that we consider as having many applications over and above letting us see what we’re doing...

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Lighting As A Security Feature

Outdoor lighting may seem extremely simple - most homeowners use it to build atmosphere, to see where they are going and to see their surroundings, but lighting brings many more benefits. Most notably, it is a security feature; automatic lights will detect motion which can both deter and help to catch criminals. However, the lighting you need to boost security around your home is not the same as what you’d use to create ambience on a patio or deck. When choosing lighting for security purposes there are several things you need to consider.

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BLT Direct Urges Tenants to Request Energy Efficiency Improvements

As the property market is still unstable, many people are sticking to renting as a way to ensure they don’t get bitten by any falling property prices and mortgage increases. As a result, BLT Direct, one of the country’s leading suppliers of energy efficient bulbs and other lighting solutions, is urging tenants to take note of the energy efficiency of their home and act upon requesting improvements as they see fit thanks to changes in the renting laws.

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Light Bulbs, Lamps and Tubes from BLT Direct

BLT Direct has been a leading online supplier of light bulbs, light fittings and specialist lamps in the UK and around the world since the early days of the Internet. Our website provides instant access to almost 10,000 light bulb products including Energy Saving Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Metal Halide Lamps, LED Light Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Sodium Lamps, Mercury Lamps, Sunbed Tubes, Specialist Lamps and Ballasts.

We also have the latest deals on light bulbs, lamps and other electrical accessories for all your lighting needs on our Special Offers page. Whatever you're looking for, we're sure we'll have it! Our low energy bulbs are designed to save you electricity costs as well saving the environment so you can do your bit to help protect an already overburdened eco system.


BLT Direct has the lighting solutions to fulfil all your needs whether you require standard incandescent light bulbs, tubes or other more specialist products. Because we do exclusive online business only, we are able to provide our huge range of lighting products to our customers at exceptional prices from high quality manufacturers delivered right to your doorstep quickly and efficiently.

BLT Direct is an established company with a good reputation within the UK lighting industry. If you have difficulty finding the light bulbs, lamps or tubes you are looking for, contact our friendly and experienced sales team who will be pleased to deal with your lighting enquiries. Our expertise means we will be able to advise you of the best products, whether you want LED lights or regular light bulbs. Call us today or shop securely online for a wealth of lighting products.

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