Control Gear

A Comprehensive Range of Lighting Control Gear and Associated Components. 

Products include, but are not limited to; High Frequency Electronic Ballasts, Electromagnetic Ballasts, HID, Sodium and Fluorescent Ballasts (Instant, Rapid and Programmed Start), Ignitors, Capacitors, Lamp Holders, Clips and Ends, Emergency Lighting Modules, Transformers, Batteries and Pre-Wired Gear Trays (Fluorescent, Mercury, Metal Halide and Sodium). We can supply Pre-Wired Gear Trays and Fittings for most Bespoke Applications and can make up Gear Trays Tailored to Suit your Specific Requirements.

Control Gear Continued

Lighting Control Gear performs a number of functions; Limiting and Stabilizing the Current in an Electrical Circuit, Ensuring Continuous Operation of the Lamp, Providing Ignition Voltage, Reducing/Eliminating Flicker and Noise and Increasing Efficiency. Control Gear starts and regulates Fluorescent and Discharge Lamps (Ballasts).

High Frequency Electronic Ballasts are a Precondition for applications which rely on Immediate Re-ignition.
Examples are Stadium Lighting, Airports, Military and Civil Security, Street and Flood Lighting, Public Buildings, Rail and Bus Stations, TV Production and Theatres. Aside from the benefits listed above High frequency Ballasts are Energy Efficient and Cost Saving. Ignitors provide the Intial Arc to Fire up the Lamp and are part of a 'Discharge' lamps Operating Control Gear. Capacitors are an Electrical/Electronic part that Stores Electrical Charges.

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