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Control Gear

A complete and comprehensive range of Control Gear and associated components for starting and regulating linear and compact fluorescent lamps, halogen and HID metal halide, mercury lamps and sodium lamps. Lighting Control Gear performs a number of functions; limiting and stabilizing the current in an electrical circuit, ensuring continuous operation of the lamp, providing ignition voltage, reducing/eliminating flicker and noise, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. 

Control Gear Continued

Our product range includes High Frequency Electronic Ballasts, Dimmable Ballasts, Electromagnetic Ballasts, HID, Sodium and Fluorescent Ballasts (Instant, Rapid and Programmed Start), Ignitors, Capacitors, Lamp Holders, Clips and Ends, Emergency Lighting Modules, Transformers, Batteries and Pre-Wired Gear Trays (Fluorescent, Mercury, Metal Halide and Sodium). We can also supply Pre-Wired Gear Trays and can make up Gear Trays tailored to suit your bespoke requirements.

We have categorised our extensive control gear catalogue primarily according to market leading brands; within each section is a detailed choice of products with individual specifications to aid you in your selection. In addition we have dedicated sections to Gear Trays and Lamp Bases and Accessories. BLT Direct can supply you with every type of control gear you need, as well as the mundane but necessary end caps for fluorescent tubes, cable and mounting clips!

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450mm Fluorescent Triphosphor 15 Watt 18inch Warm White
QuickFind #: 1396
Part Number: FL15/830
£4.79 inc. VAT
Tridonic Switch Start Choke EC 125 A140
QuickFind #: 6007
Part Number: EC 125 A140


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