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Energy Saving Dusk to Dawn Sensor Lamps

A quality Energy Saving Dusk to Dawn Sensor lamp that is a great security light for domestic and outdoor applications. This light bulb directly replaces existing incandescent dusk to dawn sensor light bulbs running off mains voltage. An integral dusk/dawn sensor automatically switches the bulb on at night and off again at sunrise.

Energy Saving Dusk to Dawn Sensor Lamps Continued

As a low energy light source the benefits of switching to this lamp are immediate. The 15 Watt rating of this bulb is comparable to a 75 Watt incandescent lamp, so instantly energy consumption is cut by 75%. Combine this with a long lamp life of 8,000 hours and lamp replacement costs are minimised adding to the savings accumulated.  This lamp measures 155mm x 60mm (length x diameter) and comes in a choice of Bayonet Cap or Edison Screw cap fittings. The energy saving dusk to dawn sensor lamp is non-dimmable. This is an ideal energy efficient solution for porches, garden and pathway lighting in residential properties. Further applications include outbuildings, and courtyard lighting.

Dusk to Dawn Lamps the Solution to Winter Security

As the nights begin to draw in, the UK will now be spending more time in darkness than the summer months. Lights within homes will need to be used for much longer to illuminate the living areas wit...

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