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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The development of the Energy Saving Light Bulb as a replacement for energy hungry incandescent and halogen technologies has transformed the lighting market over recent years, offering what it says in the name: Energy Savings.

These saving manifest themselves in substantial reductions in energy usage of up to 80% compared to conventional light sources and impressively long lifespans on lamps starting at 8,000 hours and increasing in some cases to 20,000 hours.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs Continued

Furthermore the use of these lamps reduces CO2 emissions thereby aiding the environment. The choice of Energy Saving light Bulbs is huge; from the ever popular GU10 to Blacklight lamps, Low Voltage to Striplight, Dimmable to Prismatic, Dusk to Dawn Sensor lamps to Reflector lamps, and Classic Shaped Candle, GLS, Globe and Golfball bulbs that are indistinguishable from the conventional bulb they are replacing.

Each lamp is a direct retrofit replacement for an existing conventional lamp, so making the switch is simple. Energy Saving lamps radiate light of consistently high quality in a wide choice of colour temperatures and lumens to match and improve upon the light output of traditional lamps. Wattages start at 4 watt and increase to 200 watt and the choice of cap/base fittings is vast.

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