Fluorescent Light Fittings

Looking for a Fluorescent Light Fitting? Here at BLT Direct we stock a full and comprehensive range that includes T8, T5, 110 volt, cold room, Ansell and LED fittings. Fluorescent light fittings are growing in popularity partly down to their versatility, their energy saving properties and their ability to reduce atmospheric pollution, which is why we have expanded our online selection to include the very latest fluorescent models at extremely competitive prices, whilst still stocking those hard to source and unusual fittings.

More about Fluorescent Light Fittings

Wattages; 6 to 80 watt (depending on the lamp)
Lengths; 219mm to 1800mm

Versatility is the key when it comes to fluorescent lighting. Yes, the most common applications in people’s minds are offices and school, hospitals and warehouses. In fact fluorescent fittings are more abundant than you may think: under cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms, workstations, sheds, SAD light boxes, lofts and garages, external applications such as stables and outbuildings as well as decorative purposes.

Types of Fluorescent Light Fittings

T8; Fitted with a 25mm fluorescent tube this ‘batten’ type of fitting is available in a choice of wattages and lengths for single or twin lamps.  High frequency and switch start fittings have modern click-in lamp holders for easy installation and are compatible with a wide range of control gear options.  Easy to maintain and install this is a general purpose product. Applications for T8 fittings are varied; from retail stores, offices, schools and garages to specialist and unusual applications such as aquariums and SAD boxes.

T5; Fitted with a 15mm fluorescent tube this type of fixture is also available in a choice of wattages and lengths for single or twin lamps and in high frequency and switch start versions. If you believe your fitting is not an Ansell or Smilight fitting then its more than likely that you will be requiring a T5 fitting. T5 Fluorescent Light Fittings are universal sizes which are determined by the wattage. Suitable for general purpose and under cupboard installations.

Anti-Corrosive; Theseare jet and dust proof and have an IP65 Rating. Ideal applications for these polycarbonate corrosion resistant fittings are high humidity areas, building sites, outbuildings, stables and installations exposed to weather.

LED/LED Ready; Applications for LED fluorescent fittings are the same as for standard fixtures; i.e. commercial, retail, residential, display lighting, under cupboard and pelmet lighting, but with the added benefits of being extremely durable, environmentally friendly  and  highly energy efficient . They do not require a ballast or associated starter. We also stock anticorrosive versions.

Cold Room; Lighting a cold store or chill room is challenging, as the low temperatures severely limits the performance of most luminaires. These specialist fittings are of tough polycarbonate construction and work at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. Cold room light fixtures are ideal for commercial cold rooms, food processing centres, hotels, motels, restaurants, high moisture areas and anywhere that require a healthy environment. The totally sealed housing of the cold room lighting fixture maintains ceiling integrity and protects against infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria.

Cat 2 Anti-Glare; Surface mounted and recessed modular fittings that combine efficiency with an exceptionally high standard of visual comfort. We offer switch start, high frequency and emergency versions suitable for offices, shops, schools and commercial applications. These anti-glare fixtures come complete with a louver and also feature a low profile body design.

We also stock Smilight and Diplomat replacement fixtures and Ansell slim line fittings that are aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

Fluorescent lighting is generally thought to be the most viable eco-friendly lighting option for domestic, retail and industrial applications. But what are the advantages and benefits? Here is an outline of what makes it just so cost efficient and energy saving;

  1. Energy efficiency is the most obvious benefit in terms of energy consumption, cost effectiveness and reduced carbon emissions that help to promote a cleaner environment.
  2. Compared to incandescent lights bulbs a fluorescent tube has up to ten times the lifespan. The benefits of this are far reaching. On a basic level, lamp replacement frequency is reduced dramatically. Reduced lamp replacement costs provide additional savings especially where employee costs are high which is why they are a very common lighting solution in businesses all over the world. The new generation of LED fluorescent tubes is perfect for commercial applications where high efficiency and long life, to reduce maintenance costs, is important. They also run extremely cool and last up to 50,000 hours.
  3. The higher energy efficiency of fluorescent lamps is associated with a correspondingly lower emission of heat. Fluorescent tubes run cool rather than hot and generate 70% less heat than standard incandescent or halogen lamps. This advantage makes fluorescent tubes a great solution for large area lighting for example in offices, schools, public buildings and supermarkets or on personal level where lamp heat bothers an individual or where safety is a factor.

Our huge range of fluorescent light fittings means that we can provide you the customer with a wide choice of fittings for any application in a choice of lengths, lamp types and styles.

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