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Halogen Light Bulbs

Affordable bulbs with bright filtered light for precision vision – ideal for creative and commercial use!

For bright, cost efficient and eco friendly bulbs with far reaching light, choose Halogen light bulbs.  These bulbs are an excellent light source for general, creative and accent lighting applications.

Extensive range of halogen light bulbs

From the ever popular GU10 to infra-red lamps, capsule lamps to energy-saving, hexagonal to coloured, you will find a halogen bulb to suit your needs right here! We stock a huge range of wattages, voltages, caps and shapes that produce a bright white light without burning out quickly.

Medical Rooms – Workshops – Porches – Gardens – Photography – Patio Heaters – Galleries – Kitchens

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Note: As with any Halogen Bulb, care should be taken during installation. Please avoid getting fingerprints on the glass as this will cause "hotspots" which can greatly decrease the lifespan of the lamp.

We stock an extensive range of halogen light bulbs (also known as tungsten halogen lamps) in a variety of styles, colours, caps and wattages. See our table below for more information!

Colours;  Amber, Blue, Black, Clear, Cool White, Daylight, Frosted, Gold, Green, Infra-Red, Light Ruby, Magenta, Purple, Red, Ruby, Silver, Warm White, White and Yellow.

Wattages;  5w, 8w, 10w, 12w, 14w, 15w, 18w, 20w, 25w, 28w, 30w, 35w, 40w, 42w, 45w, 50w, 60w, 65w, 70w, 72w, 75w, 90w, 100w, 105w, 150w, 175w, 200w, 250w, 300w, 375w, 400w, 500w, 700w, 750w, 850w, 1000w, 1200w, 1300w, 1400w, 1500w, 1600w, 2000w and 3000 watt.

Voltages;  6v, 12v, 24v, 28v, 42v, 110-130v, 120v, 147v, 220-240v, 235v and 380-440v

Caps;  BC (Bayonet Cap), SBC (Small Bayonet Cap), ES (Edison Screw), SES (Small Edison Screw), MES (Miniature Edison Screw), GES (Giant Edison Screw), E11, FA4, G4, G53, G6.35/GY6.35, G9, GU10, GU4/GZ4, GX5.3/GU5.3, GY4, GZ10, R7s/RX7s, SK15s, Metal Sleeve and Strap/Tab.

Shapes;  Capsule, Double Ended, Golfball, Candle, Reflector/Spotlight, Standard GLS and Tubular.

Benefits of using Halogen Light Bulbs

  • High precision light

  • Extremely bright

  • Constant white light

  • Long lasting - do not burn out quickly

  • Less energy to produce than incandescent bulbs

  • Bright, yet cost efficient

  • Illuminate more than regular light bulbs, with a further reach

  • Dimmable to create mood lighting

To make halogen bulbs even more effective in producing a bright and focused light, use with light fixtures with special reflectors made especially for halogen bulbs

Halogen Bulb Facts

The average life of halogen light bulbs varies between 1500 hours and 7500 hours, dependant on the product, with the majority of Halogen Light Bulbs featuring a 2000 lamp life.

Halogen requires a stronger glass because its filament burns much hotter than a regular incandescent but because the interior bulb environment is carefully controlled;

Unlike most fluorescent energy-saving light bulbs, halogen bulbs are dimmable.

Halogens come in a variety of sizes and shapes which make them a great choice for track, recessed, outside and security lighting.

What bulb do you need?
Halogen light bulbs are available in so many shapes and styles that it would be boring reading to list them all – but here are a few ideas for starters!

An adaptable light source in a choice of colours, wattages, voltages and diameters. They are extremely versatile with an average life of 2000 to 5000 hours. Ideal for use in:

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Reception areas

  • Lounges

  • Offices

  • Shop displays,

  • Conference rooms

  • Corridors

  • Restaurants and hotels

Uses instant start and energy saving technology - direct retrofits for incandescent light bulbs in the familiar styles and shapes.

Capsule Lamps
A bright, sparkling halogen light to replace standard incandescent capsules. Available in all caps and perfectly suited to:

  • Professional applications

  • Desk lighting

  • Small decorative luminaires


MR16, MR11, GZ10, MR8, Reflectors
Clear or frosted glass, open or enclosed. High intensity light beam creates well defined lighting. Excellent colour rendering, average life of 2000 to 5000 hours.

Excellent light source for

  • Accent and decorative lighting

  • General lighting in shops

  • General lighting in home

  • Restaurants

  • Galleries

  • Exhibitions

  • Museums

The list goes on!

Average bulb life between 1000 and 7500 Hours. Normally used for high temperature applications, such as:

  • Patio heaters

  • Research

  • Testing

  • Welding

  • Domestic heating

  • Farm heating

Coloured, Square and Hexagonal
To add a twist to your décor! For something different in your kitchen choose an unusual shape lamp! Applications for coloured light bulbs include:

  • Domestic

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Accent

  • Display lighting

  • Effect lighting

  • Atmospheric lighting for parties, Christmas and special occasions

  • Amusement parks

  • Stage lighting

  • Architectural and entertainment

  • Monument illumination

  • Floodlighting

  • Spotlighting


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