9mm Ba9s/MBC Incandescent Light Bulbs

The Ba9s/MBC Incandescent Light Bulb is one of the most common small bulbs used in hundreds of automotive and utility applications. We stock these Miniature Bayonet Cap lamps in a choice of wattages and voltages each used for specific applications. This light source lasts 1000 hours.

Miniature 130 volts 2.6 watts Ba9s
QuickFind #: 8119,
Part Number: TB/23/48
£1.79 inc. VAT
Miniature VCH 24 Volt 2 Watt BA9S
QuickFind #: 10532,
Part Number: VCH BA9S
£2.39 inc. VAT
2.6W 130V Ba9s Miniature Tubular Lamp
QuickFind #: 24579,
Part Number: 10/130/02/B
£1.19 inc. VAT
10x28mm 28v 25ma Ba9s 1W Miniature Lamp
QuickFind #: 24580,
Part Number: 28/1/25ma
£1.19 inc. VAT
Miniature Tubular 220v 5w Ba9s
QuickFind #: 24582,
Part Number: 10/230/5/B ...
£2.39 inc. VAT
Miniature Tubular 65MA 30v 2w Ba9s
QuickFind #: 35747,
Part Number: 10/30/2/B M...
£2.39 inc. VAT

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